Creatures of Transformation - A Short Film by Ali Mapletoft

Discomfort is an integral element in the tender process of transformation. We’re told that spiritual and creative change comes from within but we underestimate the power of environmental discomfort as a catalyst for change.

When transformation occurs in nature, the instigator is often hardship or pain. A lobster feels discomfort when its shell becomes too tight, and will barricade itself into a sheltered space to begin the vulnerable process of molting. Creatures like snakes and insects also seek out the right environment in which to begin a physical transition. 

In this short film Ali Mapletoft explores themes of contraction, discomfort and transformation.

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Ali Mapletoft
Creative Director

Video Producer – Tiara Westlake
Stills Photographer – Jo Thorne
Stylist – Ali Mapletoft
Hair – Dan W Chapman

Make Up – Charlie Sman
Snake Chain Mail piece – Synthetic Daisy
Lobster Red Macrame Dress – Wild And Free HQ
Red Crochet Headpiece – Rasa Vilcinskaite of Rasa Vil Jewellery 

Ali Mapletoft Logo - Footer

About me

Ali Mapletoft is a multidisciplinary artist and creative director with flair for work that exudes a potent feminine frequency. Ali’s coaching and mentoring work focuses on supporting established women artists to move through fear, self censorship and self sabotage so that they can create irrepressible work, and be seen on bigger stages.

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