6 weeks
An epic money transformation
A lifetime legacy

It’s time to create the financial success that you deserve.

In just 6 weeks you’ll lay a foundation to:

  • Transform your money mindset
  • Take decisive money actions
  • Develop healthy money habits

Artist, I see you

  • You’ve had enough of undercharging
  • You’re tired of people undervaluing your work
  • You don’t want to be the struggling artist anymore


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Artists are transforming their money reality!

My client Lisa went from charging £100 or less for her paper sculptures, to working on a commission and being paid over £10,000!


I have more focus, confidence, clarity, a clear direction and path to my goals. Ali is brilliant at adapting and supporting me in the right way. Giving me space when I need it and a nudge when I’ve gone off track.



You want to live an abundant creative life.

  • Not to worry about bills
  • Pay yourself a generous salary
  • Hire support
  • Take your loved ones away on a surprise trip
  • Give back to causes that matter to you
  • Invest in yourself

And sometimes you’d like to be able to afford life’s little luxuries and not feel guilty.


It’s no secret that a lot of artists are finding things difficult at the moment.

  • You’re not making the sales that you deserve
  • You’re working really hard but nothing seems to change
  • You’re losing confidence in yourself
There are some Specific Fears:
  • You fear being judged as greedy,
  • You don’t want to appear ungrateful
  • You don’t want to be seen as a sell-out
  • You worry that if you get paid more, client expectations will be out of control. 


My Money Story

I support creatives to elevate their visibility and their prosperity so that they can live a life that feels like a masterpiece. I have a successful career as a creative director and visual artist.

But it hasn’t always been plain sailing for me.

After rough financial times in my teens I developed a fearful money mindset that affected the way I ran my business as an adult.

For years I was

  • Undercharging
  • Giving things away from free
  • Discounting so that people wouldn’t leave


On the outside my life appeared creative and fabulous. But inside I was crumbling – I appeared successful but I was 40K in debt, exhausted and scared to even answer the front door in case it was debt collectors.

I was

  • Undercharging
  • Giving things away from free
  • Discounting so that people wouldn’t leave

You're not Alone

So many creatives feel the same way.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of undervaluing your work, right?

But there is another way.

I’m here to help you

I’m here to help you to:

  • Build a confident money mindset
  • Take actions that attract money 
  • Create habits that lead to wealth

It’s time to re-write your story. 

You get to be a thriving, prosperous artist and create a life that feels like a masterpiece. 

It’s time for you to:

  • Play BIGGER 
  • Put an end to feeling stuck
  • Receive more money without shame
  • Feel really confident with finances

This is Big Money Energy!

Your creativity is a hugely valuable resource.

It’s time to step into Big Money Energy!

  • Your art is worth a lot of money to the right people! 
  • Your creativity can take you on exciting adventures!
  • Your creativity is your ticket to prosperity. 

“I'm so thrilled because I've just been paid a huge amount of money”

I am super excited to share that I’ve been working with Ali. And I’m so thrilled because I’ve just been paid a huge amount of money by a global retailer for a project that I’ve been working on for the last few months. And I’m so excited that this has finally come to fruition and it’s through the support and the love and the guidance and my consistency in action with this, with the guidance of Ali. So I’m so excited. Thank you so, so much.


This is about more than making Art. It’s about living an abundant life.

I’m inviting you to see your creativity as a hugely valuable resource.

So that you can:

  • Create a comfortable life
  • Provide for your family
  • Be able to afford life’s little luxuries
  • Not worry about paying that tax bill
  • Free yourself from obligations that no longer serve you
  • Make more Art without feeling financial pressure
  • Take your time to develop your skills
  • Pursue the ideas you’ve been putting off for too long
Ali Mapletoft - Warrior

I’m here to support you

Now’s the time to explore your creative and financial potential.

As you work through this 6-week program, you’ll gain the vital skills that you need to become a prosperous and successful Artist. All this happens at a gentle pace that won’t overwhelm your senses.

In just 6 weeks you’ll develop

  • The MONEY MINDSET of an iconic luminary
  • The MONEY ACTIONS of a flourishing visionary
  • The MONEY HABITS of a business trailblazer

I’m here to support you

Now’s the time to explore your creative and financial potential

You’ll learn how to:

  • Put your prices up without shocking people
  • Connect on a deeper level with your audience
  • Create boundaries that work for an Artist
  • Market your work in ways that feel good for you
  • Negotiate for better prices with your suppliers
  • Create a magnetic profile that stops people in their tracks
  • Increase your business revenue so that you can hire help
As you work through this 6-week course, you’ll gain the vital skills that you need to become a prosperous and successful Artist. All this happens at a gentle pace that won’t overwhelm your senses.
In just 6 weeks you will have:
  • Raised your prices
  • Positioned your work as valuable
  • Learned to negotiate for more money

I really liked Ali’s energy and her clear way of making you step up and take your business seriously so that you make it work for you. She’s got really clear instructions, she’s no messing about, and really, really helpful, clear way of communicating so that you take action and get more sales, because ultimately that’s what it’s all about.


I really like the fact that Ali and everyone in the group actually has adopted this feeling of transparency and honesty.


I really like the fact that Ali and everyone in the group actually has adopted this feeling of transparency and honesty. 


Let's Take This Journey Together

You and Your Art Deserve to Thrive

Ali Mapletoft

I’m Ali Mapletoft, an Artist, designer and mother, with 2 successful creative businesses.

Named “The Embodiment of the Prosperous Creatrix” by business legend Marie Forleo.

For over two decades I’ve run successful creative businesses and parented 2 girls. I’ve had ups, downs and everything in between, navigating the complexities, challenges and disappointments of being an Artist. I’ve had my fair share of triumphs too; As a designer my work has been sold in Selfridges, Liberty London, Matches and Whistles. I’m an Artist, creative director, award winning film-maker, author, public speaker and coach. But the thing I’m most proud of is giving my two daughters an opportunity to witness my creative and financial independence.

As a coach and mentor I’ve helped over 3000 creative visionaries to create more aligned, more prosperous creative lives.

I’m excited to work with you to join the dots between your creativity and your financial freedom.

My teaching and coaching methods provide effective tools for self awareness, habit change and practical action. You will always be given a clear next step that you can realistically take to move you forwards.

I’m ready to see you rise! Are you?

What They Are Saying​
Ali openly shares her insights with grace and style, she is truly illuminating. If you are ready to move to the next level, she will show you how.
Kathryn Seedhouse - Artist
Very supportive and truly understands what you are going through. Ali gives you loads of helpful information while supporting your understanding of that information. I wish I had found her earlier in my journey.
Poppy Westwell - Artist
So many positive things have happened in the last three months since the idea of radical responsibility finally clicked into place. I have a lot to thank you for.
Ling Warlow - Designer
I like the gentle approach to this course, everyday family life can be so intense, I like the idea that we as creatives should be enjoying this journey ANDREA SMITH - ARTIST
Andrea Smith - Artist

The Experience

This program will be unlike anything you have experienced before. It is designed to help you tap into your financial potential and lay a foundation for becoming a prosperous artist.

6 weeks
An epic money transformation
A lifetime legacy

The program will provide the guidance, encouragement and support you need to reach your goals. All you have to do is commit to the process of making one small change a week, let the transformation unfold.

This is your chance to unlock the prosperity that you deserve as a creative visionary.

It's time to unleash your potential to earn abundantly.

Lay the foundation for financial success as a creative.

Experience a reality where

  • Your authentic creativity pays
  • You get to make exciting money
  • You have raving fans who pay

What's Inside?

Here are just SOME of the things that we’ll cover:


  • 6 One hour “Thrive” pod calls (1 per week)
  • Access to the program assets for a year
  • Unlimited access to my private Q&A channel daily

WHY MY CLIENTS LOVE my private Q&A channel

  • The immediacy of real-time responses in voice format.
  • It supplements the coaching calls
  • You don’t have to get ready or wait around
  • You don’t even need to get dressed!
  • You benefit from other people’s questions.


BONUS – (WHEN YOU JOIN BY 12th SEPTEMBER ) Become Magic With Money – A live Money Mastery workshop with Ray Dodd and Ali Mapletoft. Rewrite your money beliefs, and get some practical help with how to manage money from leading money mentor Ray Dodd. This is not to be missed! Ray will help you make money, retain money and feel confident with money in one powerful interactive workshop.

Simple, Effective, Focused on Progress

With The Prosperous Artist, you’ll gain the tools and knowledge to take control of your financial destiny, unlock your creative money making potential, and lead an abundant life filled with opportunity.

What makes this program unique are the real-life tasks and accountability provided each week that help you to move in real time.

Weekly coaching call with Ali, and access to the private Q&A channel ensure that you receive high-touch personalised support throughout your journey so that you hit your goals.

What They Are Saying​
People like Ali don’t come long very often in our lives. She is passing on so much knowledge to so many people. I am so glad we crossed paths
Katharine Mills - Artist
When I came across Ali Mapletoft is like a new door open and through it I could see just one path, a very clear one! She is direct, honest and has no secrets. He shares her all only to help me realise my dream!
Natalia Campo Urriza - Artist
She has a deep understanding of what it means to be a creative person and how to achieve the right mindset to be successful. She's an incredible motivator and if she has to kick your butt, for your own benefit, she'll do it!
Veronica Galbraith - Artist

It’s time to embrace your artistic worth!

Limited Time Offer Only

You Pay £1,200+VAT (instead of £1,700+VAT) when you sign up by 27th September.


  • BONUS 1 – I’m offering a Potent 1:1 Strategy Session with me worth £1,111+VAT- BOOK by 27th September. I usually only offer 4 of these a month, and they’re almost always booked up.
  • BONUS 2– “REAL MONEY” LIVE WORKSHOP + Q&A WITH Extraordinary “Real You Real MoneyTM” Coach RAY DODD

You pay just £1,200+VAT for £3,200+VAT worth of value.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity. Grab it before it's gone!​


Join Today


£ 1200+VAT
  • 6 One hour “Thrive” pod calls (1 per week)
  • Access to the program assets for a year
  • Unlimited access to my private Q&A channel daily
best value


Your access begins on Tuesday 18th October.  You’ll receive new materials every 7 days thereafter for 6 weeks.

2-3 hours per week focusing on the program will move you forwards.

There is 1x 60 minute call per week. You can choose to spend as much or as little time as you want in the private Q&A channel. Most of your implementation will be related to things that you are working on in your real life business.

The program is designed to be completed in around 6 weeks but you will have access to the online materials and call recordings for 365 days.

Yes, you do the program in your own time, so there is no need to be in a particular place or time zone. If you choose to complete the program in 6 weeks you’ll benefit from being on the same page as your peers but it’s not essential. It’s gentle in a VERY powerful way.

Absolutely! Please email my team on team@age-of-reason-studios.com and they’ll be happy to assist you with any questions.

Please book a call here.

Still got questions?

Still have questions about the Prosperous Artist program? Let’s chat and schedule a call here.

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About me

Ali Mapletoft is a multidisciplinary artist and creative director with flair for work that exudes a potent feminine frequency. Ali’s coaching and mentoring work focuses on supporting established women artists to move through fear, self censorship and self sabotage so that they can create irrepressible work, and be seen on bigger stages.

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