A Potent Visibility Retreat

For Rule-Breaking Visionaries in Pivot Mode

Hey Trailblazer,

A creative tempest is brewing….Epic impact awaits..and you are ready for the limelight. 

But you’re not sure exactly what happens next.  Like, now. 

Let’s talk about this famous pivot that you’ve been in for- what is it now?  2 years at least? 

You keep telling everyone about how you’re shifting energetically and creatively, and you ARE.  Technically you’ve done the hard part- working who the f*ck you are, and who the heck you want to serve. 

You’re ready for a seismic visibility shift- But that’s where the Leviathan has ground to a halt. Awkward.  It’s like you’re sitting on the edge of the void looking into the dark (absolutely crapping yourself- am I right?} 

So what happens now? 

The limelight beckons in the form of raving fans, potent collaborations, a powerful presence – but there’s part of this pivot that needs to be completed before that happens. 

You need to create a REINTRODUCTION.

An upgraded message

A clearer vision 

Standout visual communication

That will involve stirring things up, my friend. 

You’ve been a leader for a few years– creative, caring, and passionate. But a sinking feeling tells you what you’re putting out there isn’t hitting the impact you deserve.

Let’s change the record. I’m here to guide you on this journey. It’s time to trailblaze your way to the spotlight.


Let’s be honest for a moment.

People hire people they admire.

We can sugar coat that as much as we like, but if your message, your visuals and your presence aren’t singing “Who TF is that absolute icon?” then you’re missing an opportunity to connect. 

And, you’re not here to play small. You’re ready to storm the stage, build your legacy, and leave a mark that’s more than just a blip on the radar. You’re here to kick ass, be the dragon slayer, and create the epic visibility of a luminary.

You are ready to become the Maestro of your metamorphosis.

And that all sounds AWESOME until you actually have to do it.

Errrr….about that..

Part of the problem is that you sometimes WAIT for a knight in shining armour, instead of seizing the reigns yourself. Your visibility is YOURS to claim and it has to be done your way. 

I know you’ve been watching those standard-issue gurus and “content creators”

But you’re not cut from the same beige cloth.

You’re done waiting; you’re ready to be a visible leader, to make real cash, and to change lives. Cue the badass anthem.

(Hey Alexa- play “Rebel Rebel” by Joan Jett)

It’s time to unleash your inner villain and turn the creative world upside down! 🤘

The SUPERNOVA Retreat isn’t just a recalibration—it’s a visibility themed rebellion, for unconventional visionaries like you who refuse to play by the rules.

Picture this: a retreat where visibility isn’t just a goal, it’s a full-blown takeover. It’s time to ditch the good-girl- vibes and let loose the villain within—the one who’s fun, unstoppable, and downright unforgettable.


So what’s all this villain talk about? Well, to put it bluntly you’ve been too nice for too long. That means that you miss out on a lot of fun.  And you’re bored of your own marketing because…it’s kinda samey and doesn’t really allow your glorious weird side to shine .  #SorryNotSorry

And I get it, it’s easy to have big dreams but it’s another thing to put plans into action. 

You can get so bogged down in being the CEO of your dreams that you forget to take care of the VIBE. The right people will hire you when they admire you, and that means crafting a FEELING that speaks to them on a deep level.  And then keep it up without burning out.

I’m here to show you how to expand your capacity to actually BE that person, even AFTER the retreat.

"Working with Ali has been nothing short of life changing for me, and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have found her when I did. Under Ali's guidance I went from barely knowing what I wanted, to having the resolve to create the thriving, thrilling creative life of my dreams in all its complexity and nuance."
Susan Maddux Artist

Does any of this sound uncomfortably familiar?

I don’t do trigger warnings but…’s some home icky truths

➤ You’re visionary AF, but still levelling up your leadership game. You’re not just a player; you’re here to command the stage. But for some reason you aren’t centre stage…yet. 

➤ Your work is getting applause, but damn, you want it to blaze a trail like a supernova. You’re hungry to rock the world, leave a mark, and impact the globe. For real.

➤ Others see you as the authority, but let’s be real, you’re not interested in echoing what everyone else is saying. Your message needs to be truly unique.

➤ Supporters? You’ve got a tribe, but deep down, you know you could be running with the leading-lights. Guilt at abandoning your old gang? A little but, it’s time to own your place in those influential circles.

➤ Money isn’t your sole motivator, but wealth & creativity? Hell yes. There’s a vibe misalignment between what you’re giving and what you’re getting. Time to align those energies and claim what’s rightfully yours.

➤ You’re ready for those bigger stages, but imposter syndrome is trying to play dragon and crush your vibe. Spoiler alert: You’re a damn icon; time to own it without questioning “Who the hell do I think I am?”

➤ Success feels good, but it’s time for some fine-tuning. Goody-two-shoes vibes, smallness, money shame—these need to be relics of the past. It’s your time to rise, refine, and rewrite your legacy. (Like a villain)🔥

It's time to unleash your visibility upgrade with the potency it deserves.


I’ve been where you are, caught in the struggle between wanting more visibility and dealing with overwhelm, imposter syndrome, guilt, and being torn in multiple directions with your message. You might be dealing with opposing inner voices who have very different opinions about what the message is and how it “should” come across.

It’s time to parlay with those demons in the open and show them who’s in charge. You’re not just ready for bigger stages; you’re ready to own them.

Here’s the unfiltered truth: You’re discerning about your impact- you’re a virtuoso- but fear, inconsistency and self-censorship are unwelcome gatecrashers at your party. It’s time to see them to the door.

Let me be real with you.

You don’t need to change who you are to step into the spotlight. We can unlock your epic visibility without compromising your actual personality or making you do stupid things on Tik Tok..

Now, envision this: You, the creative icon, breaking all the rules and creating a multi-passionate legacy. You’re ready to be more than a leader; you’re ready to be a visionary powerhouse. Let’s face it, you’re not here for the ordinary. It’s time to be a celebrated luminary in your own right.


"I can absolutely see a seismic shift in my commitment to making things happen."
Elen, Artist
"Honestly the best advice I ever got was from you. You've changed the whole way I look at stuff now, Ali. And not just in the biz either. That session fired me up in all sorts of ways. Have never felt so focussed and positive about myself and the business. Thank you!"
Laurie, Designer
"Ali's space is phenomenal, warm, welcoming, and it shifted me out of the funk I was going through. Thank you!"​
Gurjit, Entrepreneur​

Here's your call to arms: Rise like the bad-ass Phoenix you are.

You get to have

  • A message that stops people in their tracks
  • Visuals that keep people hooked
  • A vibe that makes people want to hire you again and again


This is your invitation to join the SUPERNOVA Retreat, where we recalibrate, reset, and unveil your inner creative villain who’s ready for spine-tingling visibility. Forget the conventional; we’re not just holding a fluffy retreat; we’re crafting a gripping saga and you’re at the epicentre.

Because you’re not here to fit in; you’re here to stand out, make waves, and be the villain the creative world never saw coming. This isn’t your grandma’s retreat; it’s a wild ride for rebels on the verge of a creative and visibility explosion.


We will not be learning some boring AF 10 step framework. This is a deep AND fun AF recalibration for creative warriors ready to step into the limelight. You’re on the cusp of a seismic shift, so it’s not for the faint-hearted. But if you want to stand out, ruffle feathers, and be the luminary leader you were born to be, this is for you. 

Feel the power coursing through your veins? That’s your inner villain awakening. 


We’re not here for mediocre. We’re here to unleash a rebel’s approach to unlocking your visibility without the snore factor. You’re not just going to be walking away from this experience; you’ll be stomping and dancing away with crystal-clear clarity on your next visibility moves: 

Here’s a taste of the chaos we’re unleashing:

🔥 Villains Opening Ceremony – It’s time to set some villainous intentions.
🔥A Potent Visibility Workshop- Dragon’s Roar: Unleashing Your Inner Villain.
🔥Equinox Celebration- A Revelry of Shadows. It’s play time! Embody the evil queen within and mingle with fellow mischief-makers.
🔥 Integration workshop- From Creative Visionary to Iconic Rebel
🔥 Luxury accommodations in Sussex, UK (fit for a baddie)
🔥 Meals that’ll make your taste buds join the rebellion
🔥 Rituals to summon a new era of visibility
🔥 Creative kinship with fellow movers and shakers


You’re not here for conventional, and neither am I.  Forget about the 10 step blueprint for sounding like everyone else. We will be summoning a new era of visibility without compromise. And guess what? We’re doing it in Sussex, UK—and the location is as badass as the experience.

Nestled within the mysterious landscapes of Sussex, UK, our villainous enclave awaits those daring enough to embrace their darker desires. 


Who’s leading this rebellion? None other than me (Hi !)-  I’m Ali Mapletoft, the renegade Creative Director, Mentor, and Coach, named  “The embodiment of the prosperous creatrix” by leading business mentor Marie Forleo. With 23 years of wreaking creative havoc in the creative industries, and helping over 3000 rebels tap into elevated visibility and prosperity, I’m the villainous mentor you need.

You won’t just leave with clarity; you’ll leave ready to:

🔊 Be the powerhouse who commands respect in your field
💰 Attract wealth opportunities like a creative outlaw
🌪️ Have a greater impact as a visionary troublemaker
🎸 Be invited to collaborate with the most exciting mavericks

The world needs your disruptive vision, and there’s no reason it can’t be YOU taking over the limelight. It’s time to shed the old stories, create some beautiful chaos, and become the luminary creative warrior you were born to be.

How Will This Help In Real Life?

The short answer. Much more powerful positioning. 

The next time you need to write a post, commission a photographer, instruct your copywriter or create a sales page, your quiver will be full of potent arrows. You’ll have the message and the vibes seamlessly interwoven.  You’ll be equipped to co-create powerful messaging, sublime visual presentation and stand-out visuals like the creative genius that you are.   

I want you to claim visibility without losing your rebellious spirit, or compromising your unapologetic self. 

But there’s more. It goes deeper, because at the heart of this revolution is your ability to create a POWERFUL REINTRODUCTION that you actually believe in. This is about you becoming a magnetic and self assured leader.

So, are you ready to take the reins? 

If your gut is screaming HELL YES, it’s time for a SUPERNOVA uprising.

But pay heed, rebel. This is not your average retreat package deal. Here’s what you’re getting:

🔥 3 nights in a luxury environment that screams rebellion
🔥 2 full days of events that are more like a creative cauldron —masterminding, rituals, and play
🔥A full-on Equinox ceremony with a difference. Adorned to the nines, more evil queen than princess vibes.
🔥 Delicious healthy (but not boring) meals and snacks to fuel your rebellious spirit
🔥 A potent healing session that’ll have you feeling the inner villain vibes
🔥 Day-guest option for those who prefer crashing the rebellion without the overnight stay

And let’s talk food.

This isn’t your standard detox menu—it’s a culinary rebellion. Our cook is creating alchemy with local, seasonal ingredients that have known transformative power. Every meal is a journey, just like the workshops.

Got dietary requirements? No problem, Queen. Our cook’s got you covered- and even if you’re vegan we will not feed you boring rabbit-food. 

Back to the VIBES

Let’s cut the fluff, because if you’re here, you’re not into the same old vanilla retreats that feel more like a lullaby than a rallying cry.

We’re not just turning the dial up; we’re cranking it to eleven, fully immersing you in your visibility upgrade.

Most coaches cater to newbies, but I’m all about the seasoned visionary rebels deep in the game. Forget the coaching industry’s fluff; I speak your language, not the generic jargon.

Unlike many coaches chasing fast money, I won’t lock you into a “container” and ask you to manifest dreams by “compressing the timeline.” Let’s ditch the quantum hustle jargon and get real. 🚀

I’m here to throw a spanner in the works, and encourage you to slow the f*ck down for a moment. At Supernova we are going all in for visibility and mindful wealth creation. There’s a real long-term commitment that separates the rebels from the posers. We’re not just making money; we’re creating a revolution in the way that creatives and leaders claim the limelight.

So, if you’re tired of the coaching industry’s mumbo-jumbo and cookie-cutter retreat “containers” (lol) buckle up. We’re breaking the mould, unleashing the rebel within, and creating a revolution in visibility and wealth creation.


About Ali

I bring 23 Maverick years of artistry and creative direction, rubbing shoulders with big shots like Vivienne Westwood, Chanel 4, The BBC, and Virgin Records. Since 2016, I’ve unleashed over 3000 creative visionaries into a realm of elevated visibility and prosperity.

Hold up, I’m not just talking the talk—I’ve bagged three Icelandic Music Awards for Best Music Video and snagged the Jean Luc-Xiberras Prize for Best First Film at the Annecy International Film Festival. My creations have graced the pages of Vogue, The Times, Grazia, Red Magazine, Stella, Telegraph, Harper’s Bazaar, and Stylist Magazine.

All this cool sh*t happened when I was being more villain than princess! 🏆✨

Secure your spot by signing up before 14 December

And receive a bonus 1:1 Strategy Intensive with Ali worth £1,200+VAT. Don’t miss out on this punk-rock rebellion!

Ready to cause a creative uproar? Join the SUPERNOVA Rebellion and unveil your inner villain! 🤟

"I just find the whole experience so illuminating. It's just incredibly powerful. It's really rare that you have the opportunity to go so deep on your work, surrounded by such inspirational people, and such gorgeous surroundings."
Polly, Entrepreneur

Bonus: Rise Like a Phoenix

Sign Up by 14th December 2023 to get a 1:1 Strategy Intensive with Ali worth £1,200+VAT included.



Only 6 spaces are open for Day Guests, and another 6 spaces are open for Full Board Guests.


  • BONUS - 1:1 Strategy Intensive with Ali
  • 2 Full Days including Lunch


  • BONUS - 1:1 Strategy Intensive with Ali
  • 2 Full Days including Lunch


  • BONUS - 1:1 Strategy Intensive with Ali
  • 3 Nights Accommodation
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • 2 Full Days of Events
  • A Restorative Sound Healing Session


  • BONUS - 1:1 Strategy Intensive with Ali
  • 3 Nights Accommodation
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • 2 Full Days of Events
  • A Restorative Sound Healing Session


Each month from November 2023 a new payment plan is offered. This means that the earlier you book, the lower your monthly amount will be. This system supports us to pay our team throughout the months when we’re planning the retreat, meaning that we can put on a spectacular event.

  • 6 Month Plan Including 1:1 Bonus- Until December 14th 2023
    • £317.40+VAT day guest/ £381.03+VAT full board 

  • 5 Month Plan Until 31st Dec 2023
    • £380.88+VAT / £457.24+VAT full board

  • 4 Month Plan Until 31st Jan 2024
    • £476.10+VAT day guest/ £571.55+VAT full board

  • 3 Month Plan Until 28th Feb 2024
    • £634.80+VAT Day guest / £762.07+VAT full board

  • 2 Month Plan Until 19th March 2024
    • £952.20+VAT Day guest/ £1,143.10+VAT full board


Yes, just contact the team at and we’ll book you a call with Ali to discuss whether the retreat is right for you.

19-22 March 2024

  • 3 nights luxury accommodation in a beautiful environment 
  • 2 full days of events including: masterminding, rituals, ceremony 
  • Delicious healthy meals plus snacks
  • A restorative sound healing session 
  • If you sign up by 14th December 2023 you will also get a BONUS 1:1 with Ali worth £1,200+VAT
There is also a day-guest option that excludes accommodation.  
  • 19th March pm –  Arrival Dinner & Villains Opening Ceremony 
  • 20th March am – Workshop: Dragon’s Roar: Unleashing Your Inner Villain & Equinox Celebration 
  • 21st March am –  Workshop Vibes: From Creative Visionary to Iconic Rebel. 
  • 21st March pm – Twilight Rebels- Closing Ceremony  
  • 22nd March am – Breakfast and checkout 

Darling, rooms are single occupancy because I know how important it can be to luxuriate in glorious solitude. However, if you would actually like to share a room with a friend, please contact the team at

Our cook will be made aware of your dietary requirements and will prepare a feast to suit your needs.

You will need to purchase your own flights to the UK. My team can advise on the best flights to get. 

Freedom, baby! Embrace your rebel spirit and cherry-pick from the lineup. If you’re in need of a recharge or a power-nap, own it.

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About me

Ali Mapletoft is a multidisciplinary artist and creative director with flair for work that exudes a potent feminine frequency. Ali’s coaching, mentoring and consultancy work focuses on supporting established creative visionaries and artists to move through fear, self censorship and self sabotage so that they can create irrepressible work, and be seen on bigger stages. Visibility and prosperity are yours to claim.

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