You're on the brink of a major creative shift, poised to express yourself more honestly and powerfully than ever before

You’re itching to unleash all that’s been simmering beneath the surface, but mere words won’t suffice. It’s time for action!

You deserve to stand tall and proud as an artist.

  • Never fawn to the crowd again
  • Put an end to patterns of self sabotage
  • Turn fear into creative fuel
  • Communicate your needs unapologetically

So that you can:

  • Feel deeply aligned with your art
  • Feel truly proud of your body of work

Your creative challenges are more than just artistic hurdles; they’re personal challenges. The next chapter is going to require courage, determination and devotion to your art.

You’re no stranger to pushing creative boundaries, but the higher you rise as an artist, the more you fear falling. There’s an underlying anxiety about it. being called out, cancelled and pulled down.

It’s time to take back control so that you can allow an explosion of creativity to come through.

It’s time to:

  • Move through Fear
  • Stop Self Censoring
  • Beat Self Sabotage
  • Communicate your needs
  • Take back your personal power

You're on the cusp of unleashing your boldest creative evolution

From the outside, it looks like you’re a master of your art. People tell you that you’re an inspiration.

But inside you feel wobbly; you know that you’ve made big compromises to get to where you’re at. Sometimes that looked like making safe creative decisions that didn’t feel completely aligned. But those decisions moved you forward, and gave you security. You needed that safety while you grew. But can’t ignore the feeling that you’ve outgrown living your life in fear of what others might think of you. You’re older, wiser and more discerning about your work now and it’s time to unleash something new.

Tell me, does any of this sound familiar?

Let’s craft your life's magnum opus

Recently you’ve noticed yourself sabotaging your creative growth: numbing away doubt and fear with props. That could look like: reaching for your phone, scrolling your energy away online. Relentless comparison, and walking on eggshells doesn’t feel like reaching for the stars. The people closest to you don’t really get it, and they mirror your fear that if you make a move, it will be the wrong one. Or worst of all, that you’ll destroy what you’ve already created. You haven’t come this far to burn it all down but there’s a fire inside you that is ready to ignite.

You weren’t born for mediocrity- you were born to create powerfully!

It’s no longer aligned for you to stay on the familiar creative path meeting other people’s expectations. You don’t want to waste precious time and energy on something that isn’t going to be seen or pay off. You want to maintain creative momentum and financial stability without stagnating. And while it’s time to be seen and respected for who you really are, you’re not ready to throw everything you’ve worked for away.

The encouraging truth is that you don’t have to discard everything you’ve created in order to evolve powerfully as an artist. You’re already 95% of the way there, and with the right support you get to build on that while rapidly evolving.

Imagine setting sail for a paradise island and navigating 5% off course. You’ve packed a bikini for the Bahamas and ended up in the Antarctic. That’s what creative misalignment can feel like. This next creative pivot could look like a crucial 5% course correction that makes 100% of the difference. Creative alignment matters because your most potent work deserves to be born.

“Creating is deeply generous. It takes a big person to commit to that. You don’t have to apologise for being too much.”

Ali Mapletoft


  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to transmute fear
  • Learn strategies for managing self sabotage
  • Regulate your nervous system
  • Learn how to put a stop to self censorship

So that you can:
* Feel deeply aligned with your work
* Play bigger
* Shine without burning out
* Be respected for your work without fawning to the crowd
* Be a wealthy artist without guilt or shame
* Take back creative control


ARTEMIS - Beyond The Masterpiece ™

This 6-week private group experience is designed to guide you towards your most powerful and aligned creative expression. No more compromising on your true expression.

Are you ready to take your creativity to the next level alongside other committed lifelong women artists?

This transformative recalibration experience will give you practical strategies that will help you to:

  • Achieve artistic clarity and direction
  • Establish healthy boundaries to safeguard your creativity
  • Stop self censoring your voice
  • Make confident decisions without anxiety taking over
  • Take back control of your time and energy
  • Smoothly navigate challenging negotiations with loved ones and collaborators

Your Creative Expansion is Ready To Be Unleashed

In just 6 weeks, you can lay strong foundations for a major transformation in your creative expression- without burning your bridges or burning out.

Through the Beyond The Masterpiece® method, you’ll unshackle your creativity from restraints of fear, let go of self sabotaging habits and transform self censorship into powerful self expression.

This is for you if:

It’s not for you if:

Your Coach, Guide and Mentor

Ali Mapletoft

Ali Mapletoft, a renowned coach for seasoned visual and performing artists poised to elevate their careers to unparalleled heights.

Ali is a visionary creative director, filmmaker, and coach, whose impressive portfolio has graced the professional creative industries for over two decades. Her illustrious career boasts an impressive array of collaborations with revered media powerhouses, including BBC, Channel 4, Island Records, ITV, Rough Trade Records, Universal, and advertising legends Saatchi and Saatchi, Mother, and the legendary fashion icon Vivienne Westwood.

Ali knows what it takes to walk-the-walk of a lifelong artist, navigation limitations, challenges and creative compromise in the name of creating artistic excellence.

“In the absence of brave artistic expression, we risk achieving mediocrity”

Ali Mapletoft

What's Inside

Deep mindset training to help you:

  • Overcome Fear
  • Uncensor your voice
  • Change self-sabotaging behaviour
  • Expand your energetic capacity
  • Build Resilience

How it works

Ali uses a combination of mindset coaching and practical mentoring delivered in bite-size chunks to save you time and energy.

You’ll get

  • An initial 60 minute 1:1 session to support you to get clear on the next steps in your creative evolution. (1 session)
  • A weekly 60 minute laser focused group coaching session to support you to move towards your goals. (6 sessions)
  • Access to Ali’s bite-sized Beyond The Masterpiece ™ creative development materials. Gain the practical mindset and embodiment skills that you need to elevate as an accomplished artist.
  • An intimate group Voxer channel – Ask Ali when you need it most

What we avoid

  • No excessively long masterclasses (death by zoom)
  • No useless “added value” bonuses that you’ll never use
  • No beginners in the Voxer group

Benefits of a group

When you surround yourself with women who are in the same arena as you, you emerge from that circle with a newfound confidence, walking with intention and fully emboldened to pursue your desires.

This is visionary peer group, hand picked by Ali and consisting only of illustrious women artists, writers and performers.

You’ll experience faster growth when your peers are luminaries.

What They Are Saying​
This space that Ali created is just phenomenal,warm, welcoming, lighthearted and certainly shifted me out of the funk that I was going through. So thank you.
Calls with Ali and the group have been nothing short of revelatory! It’s been invaluable. Ali is a wonderful, generous, smart, brave woman and a fantastic mentor.
Moving into a new space and allowing myself the freedom to be an artist instead of “a creative” is incredible. So many positive things have happened in the last three months. I have a lot to thank you for.
I'm really enjoying working with Ali, I have more focus, confidence, clarity, a clear direction and path to my goals. Ali is brilliant at adapting and supporting me in the right way. Giving me space when I need it and a nudge when I've gone off track. I really recommend her talents!


60 MInutes to elevate your creative business strategy.

You have an existing creative business and you’re ready to:

  • Make more money
  • Elevate your brand
  • Become recognised and celebrated

It’s time to unleash your most potent work on a bigger audience and unlock next-level prosperity.

As Ali’s testimonials suggest, she has a powerful ability to meet you where you are, and guide you to elevate beyond what you thought was possible.

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About me

Ali Mapletoft is a multidisciplinary artist and creative director with flair for work that exudes a potent feminine frequency. Ali’s coaching and mentoring work focuses on supporting established women artists to move through fear, self censorship and self sabotage so that they can create irrepressible work, and be seen on bigger stages.

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