The Successful Artist’s Guide to Not Giving a F*ck

What every established artist needs to know in 2023.

Art Censorship
Being Cancelled

The creative challenges of our times are changing fast!

The Successful Artist’s Guide to Not Giving a F*ck explores how you can thrive now.

You’ll discover

  • What they don’t tell you about being cancelled in 2023.
  • Why self doubt isn’t always what’s holding you back.
  • What to do about AI art right now.
 Join me, Ali Mapletoft for this 5 episode mini series.
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About me

Ali Mapletoft is a multidisciplinary artist and creative director with flair for work that exudes a potent feminine frequency. Ali’s coaching and mentoring work focuses on supporting established women artists to move through fear, self censorship and self sabotage so that they can create irrepressible work, and be seen on bigger stages.

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