Last week Age of Reason unveiled AW14 in London at Scoop International with a dramatic collection of vivid digital prints on over-sized scarves, headscarves, snoods and wraps.

Scoop provided the ideal platform to launch the collection to UK and International buyers looking for something a little off-beat and interesting. Curated by ex fashion buyer Karen Radley, the show takes place in the Saatchi and Phillips Galleries and presents a selective overview of emergent and established labels. The show focuses on high quality, mid-luxury women’s wear and accessories brands favoured by small independent boutiques and department stores.

IMG_6906 Below is the  AW14/15 mood-board submitted to Scoop for selection before the show.

ALI_MOODBOARD_AW14Age of Reason’s collection comprises of a contemporary folk tapestry of lavish Tudor queens, theatrical scenes in deep indigo hues, mythic sea creatures and pop-tribal patterns finely rendered onto natural silks and wools. Trims and feathers have also been incorporated for the first time adding a tactile textural element to some of the pieces. Age of Reason was able to present the collection to buyers from Canada, Hong Kong, UK and Europe, and has some exciting new stockists lined up for the autumn as a result.


As part of Scoop’s own in-house press a board sheet “Scoop on Scoop” was created for visitors to the show, and the following interview with Age of Reason designer Ali Mapletoft was published:

How would you describe Age of Reason?

Age of Reason is a British luxury scarf label with a playful punk twist. We’re the antidote to whimsy flora and fauna delicately printed onto silk squares. With us there’s always a thorn in the roses, beautiful doesn’t mean safe.

 What’s the story behind your label?

My artistic upbringing in Africa in the 1980’s gave me a thirst for vibrant creative endevours. My ceramic artist parents made sure my sisters and I understood the value of fine, well made things from an early age. We travelled Southern Africa taking in the diverse cultural landscape, and falling in love with art as much as they had.  Moving to the UK in the 1990’s, at the height of the grunge era, definitely had an influence. Today I marry my own sketchy drawing style with punk motifs and a large dose of quintessentially British humour.

Why is Scoop an important show for you?

Scoop is important because it’s an extremely focused, high quality platform right here in London.   As a relatively new Made in Britain label, it’s vital for us to show to an outstanding standard at home before taking the label oversees.

What are your key pieces for a/w14?

There are some beautiful Tudor inspired pieces for AW14, which use deep indigos and blacks combined with very modern combinations of grey, blue and yellow or hot pink. We have a continuous landscape collection, which consists of three collectible scarves, which line up to form a surreal landscape of mountains, volcanoes and sea.  I’m also excited about our NO MORE DRAMA scarf, a luxurious deep indigo blue scarf depicting a fantasy opera scene drawn in inks. The collection will be available in wool and silk

Who are your favorite retailers?

We stock some fantastic shops, but of course we’re always looking forward, imagining our scarves in new places. When I’m shopping for myself I love small independent boutiques. The thrill of finding unique pieces is what I go for. But when I go to New York, I can’t resist an afternoon in Barneys. America does big and fabulous really well.

 What inspires you?

I’m inspired by people- watching all over the world. The way people dress and move is fascinating. On a recent trip to Morocco I was really struck by the elegance of the men’s everyday dress.  In London we have a nonchalant devil-may=-care attitude to street fashion, and I love that.  I also love to visit the African collections at the British Museum and the historical costumes collections at the V&A. London’s museums have some great spots for sketching and thinking.

To find out more about the label visit

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