At Age of Reason our love of Russian dolls is reflected in a collection of square silk scarves we call “Bondage Dolls”. Ours is a naughty, cheeky version of the classic “Matryoshka”, clad in a saucy outfit, smiling sweetly from within a handcuff and chain border.



Apparently the first nesting dolls were created in around 1890, which seems surprisingly recent, considering how quintessentially Russian the dolls have become. The fun bit for Age of Reason is coming up with different variations on the naughty doll.  The idea has always been to create a highly collectable range of different characters, each with her own tongue in cheek personality, and each named after a real person that we know. The scarves can always be worn to reveal or conceal the doll, depending on your mood


Our December homepage image puts a gold Russian Doll at center stage, bursting open to reveal our “Kitty” Russian doll scarf in navy and gold. Take a look at more Russian Doll scarves by clicking HERE



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