Scarf styling, Wine, Pizza. What’s not to love?

As a scarf label we’re uncommonly passionate about the simplest and most versatile of accessories; the silk square.  And we’ve plenty of opportunity to play with them, exploring the myriad ways they can be worn.  In fact, at Age of Reason HQ, the scarf is considered a garment – a starting point rather than an embellishment.

Last night Age of Reason  put on an exclusive scarf styling demo for the Dalston Darlings, who were on an away trip to Brighton at Beatnik Central.  We kicked off with our scarf styling video, followed by live styling and an informal Q and A.

ImageOrganised by the energetic Kirsti Nicole Hadley of Momma Loves, this was the first of a series of events she has planned at this fun location.  Beatnik Central,  takes boutique hotel and merges it with youth hostel, resulting what we’d call a posh-stal.  It’s room sharing, but not as we know it.


Beatnik Central Kitchen can Seat 30 people.

Overhead of open plan social space

Wine tasting with Ten Green Bottles was more comprehensive and erm…generous.. than we expected. We were pretty blown away by their English Sparking wines, move over Champagne! Food was provided by Pizza Face, Brighton’s coolest and probably tastiest pizzaria who pride themselves on NOT making traditional Italian Pizzas.

It was great to meet the Dalston darlings, who count talented photographers, artists, film makers and musicians amongst their numbers. What struck us was how supportive the modern incarnation of the WI are of each other and other peoples creative ventures. I’ll drink to more events like this!

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