Lizzie Lock wearing Age of Reason "Great Britons" scarf by Badaude.
Lizzie Lock wearing Age of Reason “Great Britons” scarf by Badaude.

Lizzie Lock (aka LL Millinery)

ALI Where are you from?

LIZZIE Born and bred Brighton and now live in beautiful Hove.

ALI Do you have a passion or vocation in life?

LIZZIE I’m one of those lucky people that my passion and vocation are the same thing. I came to Millinery through a bit of a back route back at University and as my skills and capabilities have grown so has my passion. I love what can be created with the tools and blocks that I have collected and really enjoy when a hat suits and enhances the wearer.  Lizzie Lock Millinery has been running from our studio in Albert Mews since 2011.

ALI Coco Chanel said  – “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”  What do you think?

LIZZIE I couldn’t agree more. I enjoy finding inspiration from abstract places and the satisfaction of knowing a certain crown shape or the curve of a brim has come from as obscure a place as the dome of a building  (I find architecture fascinating) is a great feeling. I’ve never been a natural follower of fashion but find I have more of an appreciation of it today, this coupled with abstract inspiration keeps the excitement in my designs for me.

Another thing that has significantly shaped me as a designer is that I was brought up in jumble sales and encouraged to let my imagination run wild. My mum taught me how to sew from an early age and finding my own fashion from the remains of someone else’s, manipulating fabric and adapting second hand clothes has been an important education.

ALI What do you appreciate most?

LIZZIE On discovering a stack of photos from the 1940s it is currently the elder members of my family. A new found appreciation of what they lived through and how, what they wore and why is at the forefront of my mind at the moment. One such lady is my Gr. Auntie Iris who is this tiny 83 year old and one of the most inspirational ladies I know. She is fiery and hilarious and wears tailored suits and always has an up-do. I named my favourite 1920’s cloche after her.
ALI What’s your favourite piece of Age of Reason?

LIZZIE My first introduction to Age Of Reason was their naughty Bondage Doll scarf in navy blue and I just love it. Since then my collection of scarves has grown from one to a healthy four and I find the luxurious silk fancifies any outfit, the newest piece is my huge Great Britons Badaude for Age of Reason, which I find myself wearing most days.

Lizzie lock has collaborated with Age of Reason on a series of hats for AW13 and SS14. She will be exhibiting at Best of Britannia Oct 3-4-5 2013. Find out more about Lizzie Lock and her UK Made hats on her blog

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