No matter how busy I get it’s always good to doodle for the pleasure of it. Today I’m sharing a sketch along the lines of our  “Orgy” scarf. I can’t remember if I drew this before or after the scarf was designed as I don’t tend to follow a prep work to finished drawing pattern. When I design a scarf I usually just sit down and draw, so the first sketch is the final thing. ImageAnother piece I found in the drawing chest today is this sketchbook page from before I started Age of Reason. Image The style carries on into our Never Surrender scarf, which depicts a defiant, fantasy pirate queen type 18th century character. 


The pirate Queen was designed in one of those moment when I thought “Forget sales, I’m going to draw something I love.”  At first store buyers didn’t get it, it scared them a bit, but people kept buying the silk version directly from Age of Reason. That was in SS12, and it’s gone on to be our most popular piece in multiple shops,  so much so that we’ve created it in wool for AW13.

Sometimes the best thing to do is just draw for pleasure!




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