Me-Me Monday

ImageToday Me-me is wearing her “Late Summer Girl About Town” look, gradually transitioning into longer sleeves (Acne Studios) for that “Is it nearly AW13 yet?” vibe, while still channeling a bit of SS13 sandal action in the form of Pierre hardy rope tie flats (which are actually SS08 but nobody needs to know).  Alexander McQueen flower print leggings keep the ensemble colourful and young.  Accessorising with an M Hulot bag and Kirsten Goss earrings both from the amazing KG London Kensington store, which regularly holds exclusive designer pop-ups.  An Age of Reason AW13 scarf “Blue Diana Punk” tops off the outfit and covers up for that awkward “in-between length” hair, not that Me-me worries about stuff like that. Ever.



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