The 18th Issue of CHAOS mag uses Age of Reason scarves in their doll inspired editorial. I’m always fascinated by doll inspired imagery because while it’s visually arresting, it’s often unnerving on various levels.  Simply put, it throws up so many questions about beauty, gender, aesthetics and control. 

The doll motif  pops up like a pretty jack in the box throughout literature and art history.  From The Nutcracker (which I was allowed to watch) to Chucky (which I wasn’t allowed to watch),  dolls delight and frighten us in equal measure. I’m sure I remember a few scary dolls in Enid Blyton stories… and the theme seems to span cultures all over the world.


Women as dolls often crop up in fashion, as do sexy dolls, Tim Walker has made a career out of this and I can’t get enough of it. Sometimes it’s provocative, sometimes it’s hard to distinguish a model dressed as a doll from….just a model. But like candyfloss, it’s fluffy, pink a guilty pleasure I find myself drawn to. I like the bad wigs, I like weird make up,  and I like the gender politics it churns up (if you’re into that sort of thing).

We’ve played with the idea of subverted dolls at Age of Reason before with our Bondage Doll collection. These are classic looking scarves featuring kinkily dressed Russian dolls bordered by handcuffs and charms. The idea is that the scarf looks classic,  but on closer inspection it turns out to be slightly naughty. There’s boobs on this one and Japanese bondage ropes. It’s cute, sexy and a bit wrong. So sue me.


 And if you haven’t had enough doll action. Here’s the CHAOS DOLLS VIDEO.



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