Still Life in Silk by Michelle Hillier

This week we’re excited to be able to share some still life photography of our gentleman’s pocket squares as styled by Michelle Hillier and photographed by Aaron Tiley. Each of Michelle and Aaron’s still life photographs seems to tell a story; the objects and the surroundings becoming greater than the sum of their parts.

We love the use of wild splattered paint and structured origami in these photos. They seem to sum up the defining Age of Reason principle: A balance between Anarchy and Order.



Michelle is from rural Kent and has worked in fashion and music styling for several years.  She studied floristry at the school of Jane Packer, where she honed the design skills she now applies to creating beautiful still life scenes. Michelle has a strong relationship with beauty, nature and classical composition, working closely with Aaron Tilley on photographs of everything from food to shoes. See more of Michelle’s work here.

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