Age of Reason AW13 Photo Shoot

We recently shot our AW13 scarf look-book with London fashion photographer Claire Pepper who works in a bright attic studio in the East End.  The collection “Mutiny” has a defiant feel to it. Our designer Ali describes the essence of the collection: 
This season we celebrate rebellion, tipping the balance between anarchy and order. The collection marries sharp geometric lines with orderly stripes, juxtaposed against manic, chaotic drawing; furious scribbles and scrawls. There’s too much obedience in the world. Rage against the routine, don’t conform, and certainly never surrender your individuality! 

For the look-book shoot Ali worked with Claire on the idea of hiding the model in the silk and wool scarves. 
 I wanted to focus on the scarves over things like hair and make-up styling by shooting them in fun, fluid ways, which concealed Cecilia our model. The idea came from the punk tradition of using a scarf to hide your identity, combined with the image of a classic pantomime ghost.  (I’d have liked to have cut little holes in the scarves for Cecila’s eyes but I don’t think that would have gone down too well with my hard working seamstress! ) In a funny way hiding behind something like a scarf draws more attention to a person.  The pictures have a sense of humour and playfulness, which is really important to me. 

Behind the scenes Claire  used a rather industrial looking fan to aid the movement of the silk and wool scarf collection. 

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