Trendhunter  has done us the honour of featuring Age of Reason pug scarves this week. Trendhunter is the brainchild of inovator Jeremy Gutsche and seeks to “Find Cool Before it’s popular” using an army of hunters who create articles, which can then be ranked by the community. Hunter Shiori Mine penned this great little write up, which captures our punk spirit well.

” The Age of Reason ‘Pug Scarves’ is a series of fashion-forward scarves with a cuddly canine twist. The British retailer specializes in distinctive fine silks that range from pocket-sized squares to extra long stoles.

The playfully patterned accessories feature colorful drips and splashes with an illustration of a punky pug character. The scarves are an ode to iconic British references such as the Union Jack and the underground UK punk scene. Pugs have been long-loved by the British monarchy ever since its introduction by Queen Victoria herself. These pooch-themed kerchiefs are the perfect accessory for the pet-loving stylista in your life. You can’t help but smile at the dopey-eyed expressions on these charming little pups.
London will only be a step away when you strut down the streets in one of these adorable Age of Reason ‘Pug Scarves’.” 

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