“As a designer I try to ignore a lot, especially TV and fashion mags. But one thing that always inspires me, wherever I go in the world, is the way people wear things. 
Ali Mapletoft, Age of Reason designer.
Like an ongoing relay,  high fashion filters down to the street, the street reinterprets,  and high fashion takes the baton again. The way people wear things is a great source of inspiration at Age of Reason, and it’s not just scarves we look at.  Today at London Fashion Week it was all about colour and detail for us. We love exploring textures,  the way something is tied, the angle of a hat. What is hidden and what is revealed can also be key to how a look works. Here are some pics that give a flavour of what caught our eye at Somerset House.  We’re not sure if it was our own use of neons for SS12 scarves that drew us to these glowing colours, but we loved the vibrancy. 

Pics by Ali 

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