Anarchy Jack

90×90 Anarchy Jack – Faded Empire scarf

The Union Jack, also known as the Union flag was our inspiration for the Anarchy Jack scarf. We wanted to create something that was both British and punk, with a raw deconstructed feel.  The term Jack refers to a flag flown by a ship; the galleon being our emblem.

We chose to represent the Jack in bold splatters of ink because it sits well with our idea of celebrating the chaotic as well as the ordered. We like the idea of faded Empires evolving new identities.  Anarchy Jack is about a new Britishness, it represents good craftsmanship and is made in the UK.  It comes in 4 distinctive colour ways, at 90x90cm or 140x140cm.  We intend to add to the range of Union Jack scarves each season as part of our permanent collection.


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