London SHOPS we Love…

Our favorite Stores in London are not just places to shop. They are places to get inspiration; museums of style, emporiums of finery. 

A Child of The Jago If you are looking for menswear that doesn’t bore your face off, then you’d be mad not to check this out.  Buy a derby hat or die! We wear ours with an Age of Reason scarf knotted around, and it looks absolutely a-mazing. No. 10 Great Eastern Street, 

Coco De Mer on Monmouth Street get it soooo right.  In the world of premiere erotic lingerie you don’t get finer than this.  The shopping experience is sublime, beating its competitors hands down for female friendly shopping. The service is personal, gentle, well informed and smiley.  And these ladies have a lot to smile about; they’re never more than a few feet away from a pleasure puff ring or a butterfly merkin.  We love the home wares section too. 

Start on Rivington street in Shoreditch.  This directional fashion boutique run by Brix Smith, is the best place in London to buy jeans.  Staff will ensure you have the perfect fit for your body shape.  Brix always has brilliant window displays, and we adore her two cute pugs.

Lara Bohinc is a friend who makes mind blowing accessories.  We have enjoyed her many sample sales over the years, which are now a thing of the past sadly.  Lara is an incredibly technically and creatively brilliant designer, her jewellery is second to none.  She also designs for Cartier. 

Liberty is an old favorite, fresh and beautiful every time we visit, but as reassuring and grounded as an old friend. Liberty won’t let you down; they consistently make shopping a joy and an inspiration. 

And not to forget Markets. We have so many great ones near our studio in East London. 

We get inspiration at Spitalfields Antiques market on Thursdays. 
And Columbia Road Flower Market on Sundays. Bargains at the end of the day. 

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